Giving Back

We are fortunate to be headquartered in New England, a region of the country where much of our local history revolves around the sea, the ports, and our beloved boats.  Not all locations around the globe have the same access to the water as we do here in these six small states, so being part of this industry really makes us swell with pride and drives us to give back.

Whether your love for being on the water centers on commerce, cruising, fishing, racing, sailing, or getting lost among the piers, wharfs, and shipyards, we owe tribute to those whom have contributed to the wonderful maritime history of our great country.

That is why we have implemented a program to honor the revolutionary naval architect, Donald McKay.  His majestic clipper ships of the 19th century changed international trade, ship design, and recreation for a generation and beyond.  The passion he held for the design and build of each ship resonates with us and represents the same joy we have for each and every line drawing we create; which is succinctly why we want to help Historic Boston Incorporated with their honorable project.

HBI has entered into a process of acquiring the Donald McKay residence on White Street in East Boston, Massachusetts; circa 1844.  We anticipate the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of the house will require a continued flow of money to honor his impressive legacy. 

Therefore, will be donating 50% of all Donald McKay collection purchases to HBI, earmarked for the Donald McKay initiative.  Your purchase of clipper ship merchandise or line drawing will accelerate the progress of the Donald McKay project.

Feel free to learn move about HBI by following this link to their official website.