YachtDrawings.com has put together this list of frequently asked questions to help guarantee you will "love your lines."



What information do you need to ensure my drawings are exactly what I want?

Provide YachtDrawings.com with the EXACT image and information of the boat you would like rendered- this should include year, make, model, perspective/angle, quantity and of course any specific color requests.


How long until I receive my bespoke line drawing?

It depends on four factors, how many orders are ahead of yours, whether or not you supplied YachtDrawings.com with the necessary information to proceed, how quickly you approve the proof, and how quickly payment is made.  In most cases, the process from inquiry to receipt of drawings takes five business days.  Bigger projects extend the timeframe.


When will I receive my drawings?

Upon receipt of payment for catalog orders.

Upon completion and final approval for bespoke orders.  Prepayment is required for bespoke orders.


How will I receive my drawings?

You will receive an email from e-delivery@yachtdrawings.com with the files attached.


What files will I receive?

You will receive a SVG file (AI) and a PNG, both without watermarks.


What is an SVG file?

An SVG file can be scaled to different sizes without losing quality - meaning, the format is resolution independent. 


How do I use an SVG file?

You will need a program that can open SVG files, such as Adobe Illustrator.  If you do not have a SVG compatible program but have sourced embroidery, screen printing, etc, you can just send the file to that service provider as they should have the necessary program.  It would be wise to find out before placing an order.


How much does a line drawing cost?

One bespoke line drawing is $98.00.  

One line drawing purchased from the catalog is $48.00 each.

A license must be purchased in addition to the drawing.


Can I have a line drawing from the database altered or customized?

Yes, but at the current bespoke line drawing rate.


Are there refunds for bespoke line drawings?

No.  Once you have received a proof of your custom work, you're liable for payment.  YachtDrawings.com guarantees line drawings you'll love, so adjustments to a line drawing are complimentary up to final approval/receipt of SVG and PNG files.  However, new perspectives/angles are considered separate line drawings and will be billed as such.


Are there refunds for purchases from the database?

Yes.  Refunds will only be processed if your request was made prior to receiving the SVG and PNG files.  Once you have received the files, there are no refunds.


Can I use my line drawings commercially?

Yes, but you must purchase a commercial license to do so.


What licenses are available?

There are two licenses available.

There are two riders available.


Rights Managed- unlimited use of the line drawing for non profit activities


Printing on t-shirts for crew members during regatta

Stocking your boat with personalized hats

Framed art print to hang on your office wall


Royalty Free- unlimited use of the line drawing for profit


Applied to a size run of shirts to sell on your Shopify store

Use in a marketing flyer for an upcoming boat show

Line drawing is a component of a business logo


*In either case, the line drawing file itself is prohibited from being sold.


Can you remove the YachtDrawings.com signature?

To have the Yachtdrawings.com signature removed, you must also purchase the Branding Rider.


If I commission YachtDrawings.com for a bespoke project, will those drawings be made available to the general public via the catalog?

Yes.  In order to create the world's largest database of line drawings, all completed drawings will be made available through the catalog.  Think of high end paintings where the originals were commissioned at some point for someone at some cost, but now prints of the original are widely available through online retailers to the general public at a discount.

*If you are adamant about your drawing being exclusive, there is an Exclusivity Rider for purchase.