Bespoke Services offers bespoke services to owners, captains, crews, and companies looking to personalize their yacht ownership experience.  Our professional artists will convert any high resolution image of your vessel to a line drawing.

Ownership of this digital asset gives our customers the freedom to contract their favorite service providers when commissioning projects such as adornment on apparel, gifts, home-goods, signage, stationary, and more- really anything that allows for customization.  This gives you ownership of the drawing and with that the ability to maintain your relationships with your local network of trusted service providers.

Should you just be getting started in using a line drawing for custom projects or haven't ever sought out embroidery/screen printing/etching/milling, or any other customizing service; we have the ability to complete your creation, too!

Let us know how we can help!


How it Works:
Contact us via the Contact Us button or the Bespoke Services page.
Send us the high resolution photo of your yacht.
Include Year, Make, Model, Length, and any other instructions (example: don't include my anchor, do include the Yacht Ensign, etc).
Once we have replied back to you acknowledging receipt and your desire to commission a project; add the Bespoke Line Drawing product and the respective License/Rider product for your application to your shopping cart.
*The FAQ Page can help define the proper License/Rider for your application*
Check Out.
Upon payment and an order number, we will begin processing your drawing.
You will receive a confirmation email and an estimated completion date.
Our Customer Service team will provide proofs and offer edits until you are satisfied with your drawing.
Once final approval is given, you will receive all digital assets, JPEG, PNG, EPS, and SVG, from